Nickel and Specialty Alloys, Bars and Strips

Nickel & Specialty Alloys
Wires • Bars • Strips • Ribbons

Completely Vertically Integrated From Melting, Hot Rolling to Finished Wires

Completely Vertically Integrated
From Melting, Hot Rolling to Finished Products

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Over 4 Decades of Providing Innovative Solutions

Over 4 Decades of
Providing Innovative Solutions

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Nickel Alloys Engineered for Critical Applications

Nickel Alloys Engineered
for Critical Applications

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 Committed to Quality and Awarded for Excellence

Committed to Quality
Awarded for Excellence

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Delivering Alloys to Over 40 Countries

Delivering Nickel Alloys
To Over 50 Countries

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About JLC Electromet Nickel Alloys


JLC Electromet Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur, India is one of the world's leading manufacturers and exporters of Nickel and Nickel based speciality alloys in wire, rod, bar, strip and ribbon forms.
Complete Range of Speciality Nickel Alloys


Manufacturar Exporters of Nickel Alloys and Wires, Bars, Strips and Ribbons, Heating Element Wires, Controlled Expansion Alloys, Welding Electrode Wires, Lamp Components, Dumet Wire, Clad Wires, Nickel Copper Alloys, Glass Sealing Alloys, Nickel Chrome Iron Alloys, Electrical Resistance Wires, Nickel Iron Soft Magnetic Alloys, Spark Plug Alloys, Thermocouple Compensating And Extension Grade Wires, MIG TIG Welding Wires
Nickel Alloy Technology and Research


Our cutting edge technology which drives our company for developing high-performance nickel and speciality alloys and materials for demanding applications and processes.
Our Worldwide presence supplying Nickel Alloys


JLC has a global presence exporting Nickel based alloys in wire, strip and ribbon forms in more than 50+ countries worldwide, continuously expanding its footprint in the global marketplace
Best In Class Quality Nickel Alloys


JLC has ISO 9001:2008 based Quality Management System and fully equipped in-house laboratories for testing of chemical, metallurgical and electro-magnetic properties of the Speciality Nickel Alloys.
Sustainable and Responsible Nickel Alloy Production


JLC's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives include economic, environmental and social aspects and their impacts on its employees, customers, suppliers and society at large.





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