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A full range of Nickel & Speciality alloy products

Nickel and speciality alloys product range

JLC Electromet produces a vast portfolio of Nickel based alloys in the form of wire rods, fine/medium or heavy gauge wire, flat wires, strips and ribbons.
These materials are made in accordance with international standards (or customer specifications) and cater to a wide variety of industrial requirements.

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    Nickel Alloys: General and Special Applications

    Pure Nickel alloys and its variants ate used for transistor caps, anodes for electron tubes, leads of electronic components, as raw materials for Lead-in-Wires in lamps, and in high temperature cables. They are extensively used by the Wire-Mesh/Weaving industry for making wire cloth and filters for chemical-petrochemical industries. Nickel alloys are also used in strip form for various applications, including for the welding industry.

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    Welding Alloys: Electrode Core Wire / MIG-TIG

    Pure Nickel, Nickel-Iron, Nickel-Chromium, Nickel-Copper and other specialty alloys are used for making cast iron welding electrode core wires. Nickel and Nickel-Aluminum wires are used for thermal arc spray. MIG-TIG wires are used for submerged arc welding and continuous welding applications.

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    Nickel Chromium: Heating Element & Resistance Alloys

    Nickel-Chromium alloys are characterized by high electrical resistivity and resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion. Different combinations of Nickel & Chromium are used for making grades suitable for different temperatures. These alloys are used for making heating elements for industrial furnaces that can be used in alternating oxidizing/reducing atmosphere. They are also used to make heating elements for domestic appliances, such as toasters, geysers, etc. Nickel-Chromium alloys also find use in the production of precision resistors and potentiometers for automotive and consumer electronics industries.

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    Nickel-Chrome-Iron: High Temperature Alloys for Mechanical Applications

    These alloys offer good oxidation and carburization resistance at high temperatures. They also provide good corrosion resistance in aqueous, high temperature, and acidic/basic/caustic environments. Ni-Cr-Fe alloys find use in furnace components, sparking electrodes for automotive and heat treating equipments such as baskets and muffles. Special grades find use in power generation plants, chemical-petrochemical processing, process piping, and heat exchangers.

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    Copper-Nickel Alloys: Low Resistance Application

    Different variants of high Copper & low Nickel content alloys with high or low specific resistance are notable for low temperature coefficient of resistance. Possessing high resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion, these alloys are used for wire-wound precision resistors, potentiometers, volume control devices, winding heavy-duty industrial rheostats and electric motor resistances. Different variants are used for heating cables with low conductor temperatures and as tube weldings in  "electrical welding fittings". Copper Manganese alloy is used a standard material for precision, standard and shunt resistors.

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    Lighting Raw Materials and Lead-in Wires

    JLC manufactures finished Lead-in-wires, raw materials for lamps, and support wires for different kinds of lamps. JLC Electromet is the only producer of lighting raw materials for Lead-In-Wires as well as finished Lead-In-Wires from the alloying stage. The company is proud to be lighting billions of lamps across the globe in homes, offices, hospitals, highways, airports, institutions, etc.

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    Thermocouple Grade and Extension/Compensation Alloys

    JLC thermocouple alloys are used to manufacture thermocouples, extension and compensating wires/cables. These alloys are used for temperature measurement in big power projects, gas turbine exhaust, diesel engines, and other industrial processes. JLC produces various grades of thermocouples and offers a full range of material for Extension/Compensating leads as per international specifications.

  • Automotive AlloysOpen or Close
    • Spark Plug Alloys for Earth and Central Electrodes:

      • NiSi
      • NiCr15Fe
      • NiCr5SiMn
      • NiCr2SiMn
      • NiSi1Al1Y
      • Other alloy compositions of can be made on request

    Automotive: Spark Plugs and Auto Electronics

    JLC Electromet is a leading producer and supplier of Nickel alloys to major spark plug manufacturers globally. These alloys are used as the earth electrode as well as the centre electrode in the spark plugs.

  • Soft Magnetic AlloysOpen or Close
    • Temperature Compensating Alloys:

      • Ni30Fe
      • Ni31Fe
      • Ni32Fe
    • High Permeability Alloys:

      • SMA 50 (Ni50Fe)
      • SMA 80 (Ni80FeMo)
    • Other grades available

    Nickel Iron: Soft Magnetic Alloys

    JLC manufactures Temperature Compensating Iron-Nickel alloys used as magnetic shunts to compensate the effect of variations in ambient temperature in energy meters, speedometers and temperature regulation devices. These alloys are used as laminated cores for instrument transformers, sensors/valves, magnetic shields, and cores for certain electronic and communications devices.

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    Controlled-Expansion And Glass-Sealing Alloys

    Nickel-Iron based alloys are used in instrumentation and in thermostats as bimetallic strip in cryogenic engineering and laser components. Special grades of Nickel-Iron and Nickel-Iron-Chrome alloys are used for high quality glass-to-metal hermetic seals in microelectronic components and vacuum devices used in compressors, reed relays and air bags.

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    Dumet Wires

    JLC manufactures finished Lead-in-wires as well as Dumet wire used in lead-in-wires for different kinds of lamps. Dumet wire is the basic metal component of a Lead-in-Wire providing the required vacuum tight glass-to-metal seal. Dumet consists of a base wire and a sheath. The ratio of both compounds is in well-balanced proportions, only then is it guaranteed to obtain a vacuum tight conductor through glass. This principle is used mainly in the lighting and diode production.

  • Clad Wires Open or Close
    • Copper-Clad FeNi42
    • Copper-Clad FeNi60
    • Iron-Clad Nickel
    • Nickel-Clad Iron

    Clad Wires       

    JLC provides a wide range Nickel based clad alloys for lighting raw materials, welding wires, welding electrodes and core wires of welding electrodes.