Our Capablities

Cutting edge technology drives our company

Cutting edge technology drives nickel speciality alloys ay JLC

JLC is a technology driven company developing high-performance materials for especially demanding applications and processes. JLC has a modern and efficient specialty wire manufacturing facility which is fully integrated from the melting to the packing stage.

Our products find application in welding industry, electrical & electronics industries, automotive industry, energy & environmental technology, lighting, instrumentation, and other specialized applications. This creates a unique position for JLC as a one-stop-shop for materials in the niche filed of Nickel alloys

With more than 40 years of technical know-how, JLC endeavours for continuous technological upgrades for equipment and processes; the purpose of which is to optimize all our internal operations. This benefits our customers with even more reliable and cost competitive deliveries.

The quality management system adopted and certified by ISO 9001:2008 standard along with our commitment to Clean Work Environment – Lean Process – Support Green form the base for every technological innovation we seek.

JLC is a technology driven company developing high-performance nickel and nickel alloys

JLC is a Technology Driven Company Developing High-performance Materials for Demanding Applications and Processes.

Flexiblity and Customization

JLC has been involved over the years in joint technical projects with its customers as well as suppliers. The aim has been to work together for new material development, process changes, improvements for cost reduction, quality enhancement, and adopting leaner methods for streamlining the supply chain

  • Owing to complete vertical integration, JLC customers have the flexibility to order alloys to their specific product chemistry, microstructure, heat treatment, size, and surface finish.
  • Large to small melt sizes for trial or experimental runs are available through the multiple furnace size options in JLC melt shop.
  • Customer specific heats for product development along with controlled testing in our well equipped Testing labs.
  • Customized process for wire rod (coils), wire, strips and ribbons according to the surface finish required by the customer. We can offer drawn, annealed-peeled, unpeeled-oxidized, and bright surface finishes.
  • Capability to manufacture exact measured lengths or weights on spools and coils; especially for wire weaving & thermocouple industry.
  • JLC's long term experience with packaging in accordance with highest standards ensures receipt of our products in perfect condition at the customers' end.
  • Complete shipping and logistics support. JLC works with well known forwarding and freight handling companies to achieve on-time deliveries.

JLC customers have the flexibility to order nickel alloys to their specific requirement