Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Initiatives

Our sustainability and social responsibility initiatives in Nickel Alloys

Power Through Renewable Energy

JLC boasts of its own Windmill power generation unit in the desert district of Jaisalmer in its home state. Installed and in function since 2011, this project helps JLC offset a portion of its power (electricity) requirements and supports the State government resource through renewable energy generation.


JLC own Windmill power generation unit in Jaisalmer

Work For The Society

JLC ensures socio-economic development of its employees and their families by its positive contribution and grants.

JLC strongly believes that Education is one of the main factors to take care of various socio-economic issues in India. The company supports the Shri Jain Shwetamber Terapanthi Shiksha Samiti School, Jaipur (India) for children from under privileged and poor sections of society. Many of the buildings within the school campus have been built by contributions from JLC. This is still an ongoing process which aims at providing better facilities and infrastructure for education of children. In addition, JLC has set up a scholarship fund to promote diligent and gifted students for higher education.

JLC emphasizes on 'Women's Education' and increasing the female literacy rate is promulgated through financial and social supports given to a few non-profit organizations working for this cause.


JLC Nickel Alloys supported Shri Jain Shwetamber Terapanthi Shiksha Samiti School Jaipur

JLC Nickel Alloys supported Shri Jain Shwetamber Terapanthi Shiksha Samiti School Jaipur

Work For The Environment

JLC team members organize and participate in regular tree plantation activities under the banner of the Vishwakarma Industrial Area Association where the company headquarters is located. This initiative creates awareness and promotes the concept of a clean and green industrial environment.

JLC has also implemented environmental initiatives within its own campus including rain water harvesting, green environs, tree plantations, energy and electricity conservation measures. Every initiative is aligned with the company's commitment to environmentally sustainable industries.


JLC Nickel Alloys supported Vishwakarma Industrial Area Association tree plantation activities

Sustainable inclusive development is the pathway to our future. We cannot burn our way to prosperity. A sustainable world means working responsibly together to create prosperity for all.

Corporate Social Responsibility

JLC's corporate social responsibility (CSR) includes economic, environmental and social aspects and their impacts on its employees, customers, suppliers and society at large.

To enhance transparency on the CSR issues, JLC participates in open dialogue with key stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, as well as public and non-governmental organisations.

This co-operation contributes to developing company's corporate responsibility performance and reporting of that performance. JLC team members share ideas and projects which can be adopted for contribution and overall social development of the society

JLC Environment Policy:

  • To ensure Clean, Safe and Healthy working conditions in supply chain
  • Create Employee Health & Safety (EHS) awareness by educating our employees and business associates
  • Sustain and make all processes environmentally responsible
  • Reduce waste and optimize utilization of resources including energy and water in a sustainable manner.
  • Products supplied will  not contain any restricted substance in excess of defined maximum concentration values as per the Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS Directive) and REACH Regulation
JLC nickel alloys corporate social responsibility CSR includes economic environmental and social aspects